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    Riot in the Blood. 2016.

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    HLF funded digital documentary.
    Created to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Littleport Riots.
    Riot in the Blood tells the story of the tumultuous events that tore a town apart in 1816, and those who paid the ultimate price for their poverty and hunger.
    Featuring  eye-witness testimonies and newspaper accounts of the day.
    The film also contains contributions from living descendants of the rioters.    

    Riot in the Blood. 30 mins. Writer/dir. Deborah Curtis.
    Executive producer Jennifer Stevens. Camera, animation and editing Jack Stevens.

    The Horseman's Word. 2015.

    HLF. 25 min drama doc, exploring the social history, myths and magic of the Golden Age of the Fenland Heavy Horse. 
    Written & directed by Deborah Curtis (Field Theatre Group).
    Producer, art director, Jennifer Stevens (Field Theatre Group)
    Cinematography & editing, Peter Harmer (Storiesinfilm)


    Common Ground. 2010.    


    35 minute drama documentary about landworkers in Fenland at the turn of the last century. 
    Common Ground depicts scenes of Fen life in all its aspects .... harsh, funny, bleak,and above all ..... inspiring.
    Featuring a cast of local community members, many of whom had never acted before, Common Ground was shot on location at Wicken Fen, Burnt Chimney Drove and Littleport.

    It is also our tribute to those generations of Fenlanders who have lived and worked within this unique landscape. It is our homage to the men, women and children whose lives were bounded by the horizon of the field's edge, and whose stories are printed in the black soil of the Fens.


    Thank you to all our donors, funders and sponsors
    and of course to our wonderful cast and crews !