New for 2018

    The Littleport Button Tree project

    Our new HLF funded project and film about the Littleport Riots of 1816.
    To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the riots.

    Community History Workshops
    The Field Theatre Group hosted community history workshops at the popular Adams Heritage Centre in Littleport.
    The workshops combined community learning delivery with performances and readings of accounts of the riots.
    The Family History expert Bruce Frost of the Littleport Society was also been on hand to fill in gaps in the family trees of descendants. The sessions attracted record numbers of

    Visit F/Book. Field Theatre Group and/or Littleport Riot 200 for more details

    Riot in the Blood: the film        
    (Released May 2016)

    Please contact us for screening requests.
    DVD £10 + p&p

    This 35 min documentary tells the story of the tumultuous events of 1816 when the Littleport Riots tore a small town apart. Those events cast a long shadow, and five men paid the ultimate price for their poverty and hunger. Featuring eye witness and newspaper accounts of the day, and contributions from descendants of the rioters

    The Horseman's Word. Exhibition and screening. April and May. Ely Museum, Market St, Ely. 

    DVD £10. Book £3.50.

    Memorial procession and service

    Saturday 25 June.

    Dear Friends,
    Following on from the enormous success of the events in May to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Littleport & Ely Riots, The Field Theatre Group in conjunction with Ely Museum and St Mary's Church, Ely, are hosting a memorial procession and service to mark the anniversary of the execution of the five hanged rioters.
    The event (which has been funded by Littleport Parish Council), will see actors, clergy, singers, a choir, dancers and artists come together to mark this historic anniversary.

    The Commoners Choir from Sheffield will be performing on the cathedral green beside the Lady Chapel from 10 am. Included in their programme will be a specially composed song for the occasion.
    Descendants of the five Littleport 'Martyrs' will depart from Ely Museum where the condemned men spent their final days before departing to the gallows. 

    A banner bearing the name of each man will be carried in procession.
    The procession will form up on the cathedral lawn for the short walk to St Mary's Church.
    A guard of honour composed of members of the 363 motorcycle club will be in place at St Mary's.
    The 363 club was formed in memory of the five hanged men, and their members raise large sums for charity.
    Some 363 members have also taken part in the Field Theatre Group's documentary about the riots. 

    The bell of St Mary's church will be tolled, just as it did during the last journey to the gallows of the five men.
    A short service of prayer will be held at the unmarked, mass grave of the rioters. 
    Flowers will be laid for each men by descendants and their families.
    The Field Theatre Group's brand new documentary film Riot in the Blood will be screened at Ely Museum at 1 pm that afternoon.
    This event promises to be a most moving and memorable occasion. All are welcome!
    For more information contact
    or visit Facebook: Littleport Riot 200.