We offer a range of  high-quality community arts and cultural engagement projects


             Digital art. Combined written and textile art. Installations.


    The Catching, Cooking & Eating of Eels. 2015.
    OUSE FEST. Creative writing and art workshops. Travelling installation. Original narrative.

    Riot in the Blood. 2016.
    Community history gathering workshops, music and photography mentoring,
    performances. Community choir, Re-enactments. Schools activities.

       A six month community heritage project.
       HLF funded.

       Exhibition. Documentary DVD Riot in the Blood.


    The community engagement activities of Riot in the Blood project attracted 100s of participants.

    The Horseman's Word.
    Two-year HLF funded community project. 2013-2015
    Community history, touring exhibition, schools craft and living history activities. Documentary DVD.



    Sight Lines: Festival of Fenland Films. 2016.          
    With funding from the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership The Field created the 1st ever Festival of Fenland Films as part of the summer's Ouse Fest.
    The Field brought together a diverse and fascinating mix of films, from spooky shorts to animations and drama documentaries.
    The featured film-makers ranged from  school pupils, film students, community groups and established production companies. The programme included the three  HLF funded films produced by The Field Theatre Group, all of which  highlighted the history and heritage of the Fens, its people, places and landscapes.

    With a programme of talks by regional film-makers The Field has helped to raise the film and film-making profile of our rich and diverse region. 

    Littleport Festival Fourteen. 2014.

    HLF funded community project. Creative art and writing project  in schools. School pupils exhibition. School living history day. Community 'Show and Share' exhibitions.
    Poetry competition. Community poetry anthology. Community play. Tutoring in period songs and music, performance skills, exhibition mounting.