Riot in the Blood. 2016 .               

    HLF funded 6 month project commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Littleport Riots.

    The project team delivered community history workshops which attracted large numbers of local history enthusiasts and a significant number of descendants of the Rioters.

    The involvement of descendant families caused a great deal of regional interest, with significant press and TV coverage.

    The Field team also created a  ‘digital documentary’ exploring the riots and the events leading up to them.
    The documentary explored the causal link between a global 
    seismic event in 1815 (the eruption of Mt Tambora) with the riots the following year.
    A number of descendants took part in the making of this documentary.

    Riot in the Blood the DVD has been made widely available for screening, and copies have been presented to local schools, libraries, Cambs County Archive, museums, local history groups and other participating organisations.

    In addition the Field offered mentoring in digital photography.

     Interactive Walks. 
    The Field invited community members to participate in a series of ‘Riot Walks.’ We  journyed around Littleport, in the footsteps of the rioters. Walkers were  invited to participate in the re-enactment of key moments in the riots: for example,  the vicar of Littleport attempting to quell the mob, by reading the ‘Riot Act’ to them,
    while brandishing a blunderbuss!

    These interactive walks were staged on 3 consecutive weekends in May 2016 and attracted large numbers of participants. The Field were asked to reproduce the walk a week later for school pupils. We were delighted to welcome over 300 costumed children and staff from Littleport Community School for a most memorable afternoon.